Herzlich Willkommen 30.09. – 14.10.2018


So much more than Autos and Lederhosen…!

Southern Queensland is home to more than 12,000 Germans. It is no surprise that you hear fellow Germans at the Queen Street Mall traffic lights speaking your language, meet German travellers at beautiful Queensland sights and see German business names on a daily basis.
Initiated by the Honorary Consul Prof Michael Rosemann in 2016, Brisbane German Week has grown to be a significant event in Brisbane’s yearly events calendar. After a week long event in 2016, Brisbane German Week 2017 span a fortnight of colourful events including a national German language competition with over 5,000 participants, days of Science and Innovation, Business and History, the inaugural Oktoberpole, a classical concert on the Day of German Unity (German National Day) and, of course, Oktoberfest Brisbane.


From 30 September to 14 October this year, Brisbane will showcase its educational, scientific, economic, political and cultural connections to Germany in cooperation with schools, universities, businesses and numerous other organisations.
2018 promises to integrate and portrait all important facets of the German-Australian relationship. We will kick-off on Sunday, 30 September and  look forward to welcoming you at many of our events. We will again feature days dedicated to German language, history and the arts and showcase Australian-German collaborations in the areas of science, innovation and business.
We welcome organisations who like to join us as partners for Brisbane German Week.

Stay tuned…

Partners of Brisbane German Week

Brisbane German Week Schedule 2018


Sonntag, 30.09.2018

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Montag, 01.10.2018 (Queen’s Birthday)

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Dienstag, 02.10.2018

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Mittwoch, 03.10.2018

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Donnerstag, 04.10.2018

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Freitag, 05.10.2018

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Samstag, 06.10.2018

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Sonntag, 07.10.2018

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Montag, 08.10.2018

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Dienstag, 09.10.2018

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Mittwoch, 10.10.2018

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Donnerstag, 11.10.2018

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Freitag, 12.10.2018

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Samstag, 13.10.2018

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Sonntag, 14.10.2018

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"More than cars and Lederhosen"

Fun Facts About Germany

It's bad luck to say 'Happy Birthday' before the actual day

Munich Oktoberfest starts in September, not October.

There are around 300 varieties of bread in Germany

Germans answer the phone with their surname instead of Hello

Gummi Bears were invented by the German Hans Riegel Sr. in 1922

German Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press

70 percent of German highways have no speed limit

There are more soccer fan clubs in Germany than in any other country

Children get a giant cone filled with toys and candy on their first day of school