Mittwoch, 02.10.2019 – German History


Mittwoch, 02.10.2019 – German History

German History Day 2019

The third German History Day will continue the series of events dedicated to gaining a better understanding of essential developments in the German history with a focus on their impact at the intersection of Australian developments. 2019 sees two significant anniversaries – 100 years of Bauhaus and 30 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall and both will feature at the 3rd German History Day.

The day will be moderated by Dr Heidi Kneebone. Heidi has been learning and teaching German language and culture for over 30 years, with senior, and middle school students, and in continuing and tertiary education. Her doctoral thesis connected the areas of German Studies, Linguistics and Language revival, and explored the linguistic legacy of Lutheran missionaries in 19th century South Australia. Heidi has worked with the IBD/MYP and SACE curricula and over the last 3 years has written for SACEboard and as senior writer (German) with the Queensland Department of Education project, C2C creating German resources to assist teachers in implementing the Australian curriculum. Heidi has a background in political and business consultancy and a strong interest in languages policy.


12:30pm   Arrival of guests, refreshments

1:00pm     German/Australian national anthem,
– performed by German Choir, Liedertafel/Liederkranz

1:05pm     Welcome messages by
– MC Heidi Kneebone
– Monika Kortz, President Brisbane German Club
– Michael Rosemann, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany

1:15pm     tbd

1:45pm     Matt Tesch: The Great Overland Expedition (Ludwig Leichhardt)

2:15pm     Afternoon tea

2:30pm     Guenter Wetzel: 30 years since the Wall came down, 40 years since I escaped (in German)

3:00pm     Michael Rosemann: 40 years of the Australia-GDR relationship

3:30pm     Moderated discussion with the presenters

4:00pm     Networking

4:30pm     Event concludes




Looking back: German History Day 2018


The first presentation was conducted by Prof Michael Rosemann who provided
an overview about the History of the German Honorary Consul in Brisbane since
1855 when Georg Appel was appointed as the Consul for Hamburg. Together
with his presentation he launched a 16 page booklet outlining the detailed
history and details to each Consul. You can download this booklet here or contact
the Consulate for a printed copy. The slides of his presentation can be found

The second presenter of the day was Blair Allsop, a Brisbane Greeter and well-
known from his TV and radio performances. Blair covered the impact of Germans
in Queensland and pointed to references that are still visible. The title of his
presentation was ‘It started with pineapples’ and the audience was amazed to
learn a lot about the hidden connections between Germany and this tropical
fruit. Download his slides here.

Finally, Robin Kleinschmidt spoke about Bethania: A unique community among
German settlers in 19th century Queensland. The story of the German community on the
Logan River was fascinating, from its arrival, its agricultural adventures to its
challenges and long-term impact. You can find his slides here.

A panel discussion with the three presenters covering existing signs of Germany
in today’s Brisbane, the German-Australian experiences during the two world
wars and other topics consolidated the afternoon.

In summary, the 2nd German History Day has been another successful event and
no doubt you will find it again in the calendar of Brisbane German Week 2019.
SBS German Radio summarised the History Day in a 10 minutes documentation, which
can be found here.

For your information on the event download German History Day – Agenda and speaker details.

The History of the German Honorary Consul in Brisbane
Download related booklet

Date: 2 October, 2019


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