Dienstag, 02.10.2018


Dienstag, 02.10.2018

The 2018 Australian-German Science and Innovation Day is one of the highlights presented during Brisbane German Week.

In 2018, the focus of the event will be on ‘Economy and Science 4.0’, i.e. we will investigate how principles, technologies and insights from Industry 4.0 can be deployed to other sectors (e.g., Health 4.0). A representative from an industry partner will set the scene in terms of linking innovation, research and development and a panel discussion with the most relevant funding organisations will explore emerging opportunities to support and scale Australian-German collaborations.

This event will showcase scientific collaborations between Australian and German universities, and present the objectives, progress and outcomes of current research projects covering a variety of scientific disciplines. It will also provide first hand insights into the support available by organisations such as DAAD, Humboldt Foundation or GOstralia!.

Hosted at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and jointly organised with The University of Queensland (UQ) and University of Southern Queensland (USQ), German academics from various Australian universities will present their latest findings and elaborate on their collaborative experiences with their German partners.

German exchange students as well as students studying German are encouraged to attend this event for the opportunity to broaden their university experience and to make new valuable contacts.

Listen to the SBS Interview here.


11.00am   Michael Rosemann,
Honorary Consul, Federal Republic of German
11.15am   Julia Playford,
Qld Department of Environment and Science
11.20am   Keynote: Michael Schuetz,
Queensland University of Technology
Bilateral opportunities by partnering Queensland and Berlin around health and medicine
11.40am   Michaela Krug-von Vacano, Laura Puk, Jasmin Gross, GOstralia! The GOstralia! Research Centre

Presentation Slides: GOstralia! & GRC_2018_Brisbane,GOstralia! Research Centre_PhD students
11.55am   Katharina McGrath, DAAD Australia
Research and studying in Germany
– Career and Funding Opportunities for Australians
Presentation Slides: DAAD
12.15pm   Lunch and opening of DAAD Exhibition: Research in Germany
1.00pm   Panel Discussion: Experiences of Research Students

Chair: Michael Brunig (UQ)
Panellists: Eva Hesping (Griffith), Kristina Jovic (QUT), Anja Limmer (UQ) & Fabian Zander (USQ)

2.00pm   Coffee break
2.30pm   Collaboration between Australian and German Universities
2.30pm   Brad Carter, David Buttsworth & Ali Buchberger, USQ

Observations from Down Under: USQ’s Space Sciences and Advanced Engineering Collaboration with German Partners

Presentation Slides: USQ

2.50pm   Jessica Gallagher, Michael Netzel & Liu Ye

University-to-University Partnership: UQ & TU Munich

Presentation Slides: UQ

3.10pm   Ann-Kristin Cordes, University of Muenster

10 years of Partnership: QUT and University Muenster

Presentation Slides: QUT

3.30pm   Deborah Bunker, University of Sydney

Mapping Social Media Behaviour: A Collaboration between University of Sydney and the University of Duisburg-Essen

Presentation Slides: USyd

3.45pm   Coffee Break
4.00pm          Panel: Funding for Australian-German Research Collaborations

Christopher Barner-Kowollik, QUT (Chair), Justin Withers, Policy & Strategy, Australian Research Council (ARC), Julie Glover, Executive Director, Research Foundations Branch, National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Hans-Joerg Staehle, Deputy Head Asia/Oceania, DLR (via video conference) (BMBF & DFG), Jonas Rupp (EU), Katharina McGrath (DAAD)

Presentation Slides: ARC

4.50pm   Closing Remarks
5.00pm   Networking over drinks and finger food

Download the program for the day here.

A summary of the first and 2nd German Science and Innovation Day can be found here:
German Science and Innovation Day 2016
German Science and Innovation Day 2017.

Date: 2 October, 2018
Start Time: 11:00 am
Event Location: QUT

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