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Australia’s ‘longest week’ is happening again – refreshed, recharged and ready to go!

Most of us are currently unable to travel to Europe under the current restrictions unless it is under (often) heart-wrenching circumstances. We hope you and your loved ones overseas will make it through this tough time to get back to normal on the other side soon.


Sonnenblume Delphine Beau SoleilWell…… we can at least bring your culture to you to cure some of this homesickness! Less than three weeks from now you can finally immerse yourself again in German culture right here in your own backyard, in Brisbane, when we bring mini Germany to you. Last year marked thirty years of a unified Germany, and we can finally celebrate this milestone with the Concert Reception for the German National Day. Other exciting events this year include the German Movie Night with a pre-movie party, the Science, Innovation and Business Days….and timely new ideas such as Creative AI & Germany and our entertaining new Miele food show – Let’s Sauerkraut!

We are beyond grateful to Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for their friendship and support. The German Missions in Australia have also continuously been supporting this fantastic initiative, special thanks to the Consulate-General of Germany in Sydney.

To see what’s on in 2021, hover your curser over the scheduled days below. As we update the event details on these pages feel free to browse through our Gallery for some amazing past German Week memories…..

In light of recent changes to Queensland Government restrictions relating to the pandemic, a COVID safe plan is implemented for all BGW events and masks must be worn. Please note the following event restrictions also apply:

    • Indoor – 1 person per 4 square metres or 75% capacity with ticketed and allocated seating
    • Smaller venues up to 200 square metres – 1 person per 2 square metres, up to a maximum of 50
    • Outdoor – 1 person per 2 square metres
    • Eating and drinking must be seated
    • No dancing except at weddings.


Partners of Brisbane German Week

Brisbane German Week Schedule 2021

Josh WIlson Story Bridge


Freitag, 01.10.2021 – Concert Reception

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Samstag, 02.10.2021 – Ruhetag

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Sonntag, 03.10.2021 – Day of German Unity

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Montag, 04.10.2021 – Language Competition

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Dienstag 05.10.2021 – German Business Day

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Mittwoch, 06.10.2021 – German-Australian Science and Innovation Day

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Donnerstag, 07.10.2021 – German Arts Evening

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Freitag, 08.10.2021 – German Cinema

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Samstag, 09.10.2021 – “Let’s SauerKraut!”

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"More than cars and Lederhosen"

Fun Facts About Germany

It's bad luck to say 'Happy Birthday' before the actual day

Munich Oktoberfest starts in September, not October.

There are around 300 varieties of bread in Germany

Germans answer the phone with their surname instead of Hello

Gummi Bears were invented by the German Hans Riegel Sr. in 1922

German Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press

70 percent of German highways have no speed limit

There are more soccer fan clubs in Germany than in any other country

Children get a giant cone filled with toys and candy on their first day of school