Mittwoch, 04.10.2023 – German Business Day


Mittwoch, 04.10.2023 – German Business Day

Brisbane German Week 

8th German Business Day


A long-standing partnership between the innovative German Australian Business Alliance (iGABA), the German Australian Business Council (GABC) and the German Australian Business Women Association (GABWA), the 8th German Business Day in 2023 continued our series of ahead-of-the-demand-curve seminars to maximise your level of preparedness.

“Corporate Digital Responsibility is a set of practices and behaviours that help an organisation use data and digital technologies in ways that are perceived as socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.” (

Dr Nadine Ostern, Cisco Chair in Trusted Retail at QUT, spoke about the role of benevolence in the context of Corporate Digital Responsibility

In opportunity-rich economies and societies, new business models and sophisticated technologies facilitate previously unseen ways of running a business. Combined with the rising demand to go beyond purely economic measures of success and to also contribute to societal and environmental challenges, organisations are now facing an entirely new responsibility. The 2023, and already eighth, German Business Day surfaced the related challenges and evolving practices in the new domain of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR). Going beyond the approaches of global enterprises,

Nicole Hartley, UQ, Nadine Ostern, QUT and Michael Rosemann, Honorary Consul for the Federal Republic of Germany provided an overview about the state of CDR, related regulations and principles across significant regions of the world, its practical application via company-specific frameworks and the role of service firms and trust in this context. These presentations were complemented by two panel discussions which allowed the more than 70 participants to engage closely with the speakers.

The consolidated slides of the event can be found here: 2023 German Business Day Slides Final Version CDR.

The Digital Corporate Responsibility Alliance. In order to continue the vibrant conversations of the day, and to provide a forum for ongoing updates and related upskilling, the Corporate Digital Responsibility Alliance has been created. Starting in February 2024, this Alliance will meet once a quarter and provide a peer-to-peer opportunity to stay ahead in this fast moving domain. If you would like to join, please contact the Chair, Prof Michael Rosemann on

Launch of young iGABA:
This event also featured the official launch of young iGABA by Sarah Reichmann, iGABA Board member, picture to the right. young IGABA is an entirely new, energetic community of rising talent, emerging leaders and future game changers eager to shape the future and benefit from the growing and maturing German-Australian business and trade partnerships. See here for more information on young iGABA and way to engage with this community.


Sit back and enjoy our recap of previous Business Days below:


Date: 4 October, 2023
Start Time: 2:30 pm
Finish Time: 6:30 pm
Event Location: McCullough Robertson, 66 Eagle Street Brisbane

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