Donnerstag, 03.10.2024 – German National Day


Donnerstag, 03.10.2024 – German National Day

Brisbane German Week

German Unity Day Reception

Image: The German Youth Choir supported by a string quartet from the Queensland Youth
Orchestras performing at the Day of German Unity celebrations on 3 Oct 2023.


2024 marks an incredible milestone – 35 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, a day that went down in the history books, a day that saw a country reunite and brought families back together after 28 years of separation by the Iron Curtain.

The annual reception on the occasion of the Day of German Unity on 3 October is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the day that two Germanys became one. Fortitude Valley’s All Hallows’ School will be hosting this wonderful reception in 2024 at their magnificent rooftop terrace. On this exclusive night we say thank you to all our sponsors and dedicated supporters that help make our yearly event series a reality.


Image 2023: We thank the Hon Leanne Linard, Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Mr John-Paul Langbroek, Shadow Minister for Seniors, Communities and Disability Services, and Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, and Cr Greg Adermann representing the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, for their attendance on a special night like this, where there was no shortage of chances to catch-up with old friends and to build new relationships.

We very much thank the long-standing support of Queensland Youth Orchestras and their talented young musicians as well as the dedication of the German Youth Choir (high school students learning German in Brisbane) with classical singer and Conductor Bea Klepper, for providing the entertainment during the official part of the night.


Tag der Deutschen Einheit – German National Day

The third of October is the Day of German Unity, celebrated as German National Day. It commemorates German reunification in 1990 when the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic were reunited. The German Unity Day has been a national public holiday since 1990, when the reunification was formally completed. Each year, the capital of the German state that resides the Bundesrat is host of the so called Bürgerfest. In 2023, this celebration took place in Hamburg under the motto ‘Horizonte Öffnen’.

This year, the Story Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Kurilpa Bridge will be lit up in a stunning display of lights in the colours of the German flag on the evening of the 3 October.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the invaluable support of the City of Brisbane for their tremendous support for Brisbane German Week.

The German Missions in Australia came together in 2020 at the 30th reunification anniversary and had chosen their local landmark to be illuminated in the German colours on this day across Australia.


  • Sydney Town Hall

  • Telstra Tower Canberra

  • Story & Victoria Bridges Brisbane

  • Flinders Street Railway Station & 196 Flinders Street Melbourne

  • Council House Perth (Image left)


Under the heading “30 for 30”, thirty Australians from journalism, arts, culture, academia and politics shared their thoughts in 2020 about the German Reunification 30 years on.

Visitors enjoyed an array of interesting and curious content spanning from concerts, documentaries and art to letting you peek into diplomatic documents on Australia of the former East German government. Visit the German Embassy Canberra’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to view and enjoy!


Official statement:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany:

30 years of German Unity

The fall of the Berlin Wall, symbol of the Cold War, on 9 November 1989 paved the way for the reunification of Germany on 3 October 1990. With the end of Germany’s division, a transformation process started in the east and southeast European countries which culminated in the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. The “peaceful revolution” in the autumn of 1989 eventually changed the international political landscape characterized since the end of the World War II by the East-West conflict. German unification was also seen in Australia as an event that had brought about monumental changes. Since then, the 3 October 1990 is Germany’s National Day.

Date: 3 October, 2024
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Finish Time: 8:00 pm
Event Location: All Hallows' School

All Hallows' School

547, Ann Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000.

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