Montag, 05.10.2020 – Language Competition


Montag, 05.10.2020 – Language Competition

Queensland’s Annual Online Deutsch-Competition is back!



On behalf of the MLTAQ German Teachers’ Branch, and the German Consulate in Brisbane, we would like to THANK YOU and your school for taking part in the “2020 German Week Language Competition” on Education Perfect!  It was a unique opportunity for your students to engage with Brisbane German Week, to compete on a national basis, earn points, and to learn at the same time! CONGRATULATIONS to all winners, your prizes will be sent to you by our coordinator, Paula Hay! And the winning school will get an extra treat this year thanks to our new sponsor Trutex.

The competition started on 5 October at 8:00am (GMT+10), finished 13 October 4:00pm and winners were drawn on 15 October – a day that would have been Brisbane’s national Oktoberfest for Teens event.



Schools from the following Australian states and territories took part:

QLD, VIC, SA, NT, WA. The results are in! Click here.




  • First placed primary school overall (calculated by average number of points per student)
  • First placed secondary school
  • Top interstate competitor
  • First placed primary student overall
  • First placed secondary student overall




One of our new prize sponsors which is also a school uniform supplier is displayed further below, different voucher types, bucket hats and more were in the prize pool!!



Competition enquiries go to MLTAQ German Branch President Paula Hay at

Click for the 2020 Competition Results
Click for the 2019 Competition Results
Click for the 2018 Competition Results
Click for the 2017 Competition Results


Here are some interesting language facts for you:

You think Deutsch is a guttural, harsh-sounding and overly-complex language? You are wrong! The German language is a thing of precise and subtle beauty, with a word for every possible aspect of the human condition. And where words do not exist, you get the wonderfully Teutonic creations of compound nouns – where Germans basically keep adding words together until they have the one they want.   

Over 100 million Europeans speak German as their mother tongue and in addition at least 100 million people from around the world speak German as a foreign language.

That makes it the most widely spoken native language in the European Union, the 4th most popular language to learn in the world and (co-)official language in Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Denmark. It is also the 2nd most commonly used scientific language in the world after, you guessed it, English!

German is the predominant foreign language taught in Queensland, with over 200 Qld schools teaching it. Students will use their knowledge of Deutsch and Deutschland to participate in this online competition which is organised for the third time by Paula Hay, president of the German Teacher’s Branch (GTB) of the Modern Language Teachers Association Queensland (MLTAQ) with the help of members of the German in Brisbane Roundtable. Results will be revealed and winners crowned on 11 October at Australia’s largest German language event here in Brisbane at Oktoberfest for Teens.


Date: 5 October, 2020
Start Time: 8:00 am

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Montag, 05.10.2020 – Language Competition

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