Sonntag, 01.10.2023 – Opening Night


Sonntag, 01.10.2023 – Opening Night

Brisbane German Week

German Movie Night

 Film Screening and Retro After-Party!

We were kicking off the 8th Brisbane German Week this year with a massive
Movie Party at New Farm Cinemas! Think Special Guests, Comedy Fun,
Food, Drinks, Music, Photobooth, Lights, Surprise Goodie Bags and
lot’s of awesome company!


an air-grasping comedy directed by no one other than

(“Der Vorname | How about Adolf?”, “Der Nachname | Family Affairs”)

“A sudden and unexpected knock on the door of the staff room at a municipal grammar school one Friday afternoon. Surely no student would dare do that? No – in fact it’s an ambitious father who is fighting for his son to be allowed to take the Abitur exams – and is prepared to go to extremes to achieve his goal. The six teachers still in school will now get to see what he is prepared to do the hard way: initially, they all feel themselves superior to the desperate father, but soon discover that the situation is getting out of control. After some unexpected twists and embarrassing revelations, veritable abysses open up for everyone involved.”

A film based on the book by: Jan Weiler
Stars: Florian David Fitz, Anke Engelke, Justus von Dohnányi

Co-organised by the passionistas and passionisters behind German Kino Brisbane, an initiative of the German Consulate in Brisbane, celebrating its fourth anniversary this year of providing German film events (subtitled) for the local community across Brisbane.


Tickets will be on sale from 1 September 2023 via the RSVP button below!!

Ticket inclusions:
– Welcome Drink
– Film Screening
– Goodie Bag
– Refreshments
– Access to After-Party
– Entertainment
– Unlimited Photos (Booth)

Date: 1 October, 2023
Start Time: 5:30 pm
Finish Time: 10:00 pm

701, Brunswick Street, New Farm, Queensland, 4005.

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Sonntag, 01.10.2023 – Opening Night

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