Dienstag 05.10.2021 – German Business Day

Progress through Agility and Resilience

We are very grateful to SAP, our long-standing partner, for hosting the event again at their premises in the Brisbane CBD. A particular “Dankeschön goes to Trade and Investment Queensland for the tremendous contributions to the day and all of German Week! We would also like to welcome back Volkswagen Australia as a crucial supporter of our event series.

The 6th German-Australian Business Day will provide the audience with first-hand insights into the newly established TIQ Office in Germany, a tremendous milestone in the progression of the Germany-Queensland relationship. With TIQ representatives from London and Brisbane, there will be no question left unanswered.

Enjoy our German Business Day LIVE stream (starts at 3:00 pm AEST).

Mittwoch, 06.10.2021 – German-Australian Science and Innovation Day

Our German-Australian Science and Innovation Day has become an annual feature event during which the current status and emerging opportunities in terms of research partnerships between Germany and Australia are presented and discussed.

We at BGW are delighted to host this event and the overall theme this year will be on large-scale science partnerships. We will present three alternative pathways as role models to high impact relationships that are broad and deep at the same time.

Enjoy our German-Australian Science and Innovation Day LIVE stream (starts at 3:00 pm AEST).

Donnerstag, 07.10.2021 – German Arts Evening

AI Art – A Fascinating Glimpse Into The Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live and work – this is common knowledge. However, did you realize that AI is revolutionising the world of art? Artists are increasingly using AI to create innovative works of art. This year’s German Arts Evening will provide a fascinating look into the cutting edge of Creative AI at present.

Enjoy our German Arts Evening LIVE stream (starts at 5:00 pm AEST).

Samstag, 09.10.2021 – “Let’s SauerKraut!”


Well…! Sauerkraut is known to be the German food. The „Krauts“ in Australia are having a cook-off this Saturday at 5pm (6pm Sydney, 9am Berlin)! We have prepared for an exclusive night of food at the Miele Experience Centre in Newstead. But there will not only be Sauerkraut 😉

This year the difficulty level will be increased after Oktoberfest Brisbane won the title of Spätzle-Master last year!

This year there will be two dishes that were traditionally cooked in former East Germany. Two teams will be cooking, German students will be judging, and challenges will be entertaining!

This event will be LIVE-STREAMED 5pm Brisbane – 6pm Sydney – 9am Berlin times via our BGW Facebook page and embedded right here for you in time to watch. To interact with us during the event, please head to the comments section in Facebook – share your questions, comments and opinions with us.


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